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 Exclusive party Favor Boxes with gourment treats, toys, and chic neckwear

Themed decoration kits

Invitations and Thank you cards

Party Tips and game ideals



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 There are plenty of great reasons for outfitting your dog with a set of dog boots or shoes for dogs. Perhaps the two reasons that should be at the top of the list may be the fact that they just look so darn cute in them and that it’s fun for us to adorn our four-legged friends in the latest in doggy footwear!

Speaking of that, who doesn’t know someone who like to dress their dogs in the latest attire? What well appointed pooch doesn’t have dog shoes for every occasion? Princess can be styling in a cool set of fur-trimmed dog boots while protecting her dainty little paws from the harsh elements. How about some trendy dog sneakers that match your own? And what canine diva wouldn’t love some stylish doggy slippers for around the house and some fashionable dress-up faux leather boots for dogs?

Okay, here are some useful incentives to get Butch or Lady some cool dog boots and dog booties. Have you ever taken your dog for a walk in the winter through the snow and wondered if his feet are cold? After all, if there is snow on the ground, chances are the temperatures are below freezing. What about in  the summer, when its 100 degrees and the asphalt is so hot that it squishes when you walk on it?


 Grooming is an essential part of owning a dog.

Along with regular walks and balanced meals, it is vital to the health and well being of your dog and thus is a process that all owners should be aware of today.

No matter what breed of dog you have, your knowledge of grooming or your experience in looking after dogs, it is important to know something about how to groom your dog.

We all have busy lives and would probably like to learn the best ways to quickly groom your dog without wasting time or money.

Recently I came across a fantastic dog grooming resource that I urge you to take a look at right now.

The dog grooming secrets website offers a lot of GREAT INFORMATION including a free dog grooming newsletter.

I am particularly impressed with the Dog Grooming Secrets ebook on offer. I had a look through it and it really is well put together.

It covers JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING you would ever need to know about grooming your own dog, including grooming your dog at home or with a professional groomer.

The comprehensive, well written and easy to read ebook is packed with great information and tips including;

* Grooming tools

* Bathing your dog

* Skin care

* Nail clipping

* Brushing and drying

* Grooming adults and puppies

* Grooming specific breeds

* Eye and teeth care

* Anal glands care

* Choosing a good groomer

Plus much more.

The book is published by Sharda Baker, a well known dog writer.

I suggest you pop along to her website and have a look yourself.

It's fun to read and follow and I suggest you grab a copy of her grooming book
if dog grooming is of interest to you or someone you know.

Even if you are not interested in investing in a grooming book, you will find the free newsletter most helpful.



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